Aggregate by Location

BasePer TonLocation
Concrete Sand$42.00Harrisburg, Benson, Ellis
Plaster Sand$45.00Harrisburg, Benson, Ellis
Crushed Concrete$40.00Harrisburg, Benson, Ellis
Gravel$40.00Harrisburg, Benson, Ellis
NaturalPer TonLocation
2″-4″ Natural River Rock$100.00Harrisburg, Benson, Ellis
1 ½“ Natural (Corson) RR$90.00Harrisburg, Benson
1 ½“ Natural (Watertown) RR$90.00Harrisburg, Ellis
3/4″ Natural Drain Rock$50.00Harrisburg, Benson, Ellis
3/8″ Pea Rock$45.00Harrisburg, Benson, Ellis
Fieldstone Boulders$135.00Harrisburg, Ellis
QuartzPer TonLocation
1 ½“ Quartz$55.00Harrisburg
3/4″ Quartz$45.00Harrisburg, Benson, Ellis
3/8″ Chips$50.00Harrisburg, Benson
Manufactured Sand$45.00Harrisburg, Benson, Ellis
Quartz Gravel$35.00Harrisburg
Quartz Outcropping Boulders$125.00Harrisburg, Ellis
DecorativePer TonLocation
Shakopee Brown Limestone$135.00Harrisburg, Benson, Ellis
White Limestone$155.00Benson, Ellis
Gray Limestone$155.00Harrisburg
Falls Granite$135.00Benson, Ellis
Red Granite$140.00Ellis
Black Granite$175.00Harrisburg, Benson
Cedar Mountain Gray$120.00Harrisburg
Grizzly Brown$160.00TBD
Dresser Trap$195.00Harrisburg, Benson
Indian Sunset$315.00Harrisburg
Black Obsidian$315.00Harrisburg
Grizzly Brown Boulders$295.00Harrisburg
1/2″ Minus Dresser Trap$131.00Ellis
3/4″ Dresser Trap$186.00Ellis
MulchCubic Yard Location
Red Cedar Bulk$95.00Harrisburg, Benson, Ellis
Red Cedar 5.5CY Bale$475.00Harrisburg, Benson, Ellis
Red Cedar 3 CF Bag$12.00Harrisburg, Benson, Ellis
Dark Hardwood$65.00Harrisburg, Benson
Light Hardwood$65.00Harrisburg, Benson, Ellis
Red Dyed$90.00Ellis
Black Dyed$80.00Benson, Ellis, Harrisburg
Brown Dyed$80.00Harrisburg, Benson, Ellis
Playground$75.00Benson, Ellis
Screened DirtPer TonLocation
Screened Black Dirt$70.00Harrisburg, Ellis

Prices Effective 3/1/2024 and are Subject to change without notice.

All prices are F.O.B Hardscapes Outlet/Loads less than 1 ton subject to $20 Min Load Fee

Prices do not include tax.

Delivery is available at an extra charge / All sales final. No returns accepted on these products.

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