Mulch Stabilizer

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Mulch Stabilizer

Keep your mulch looking amazing all season long with this must-have landscaping product. It can even be used on sand and dirt in decorative areas to control dusting.

Benefits: Locks mulch in place | Easy to use | Enhances color and prevents fading | Dries clear | Flexible bond | Helps prevent weed growth
Applications: Colored and Natural Mulch | Synthetic Mulch | Pine Straw | Sand and Dirt


  • To increase effectiveness, press mulch in place to compact the area.
  • Lightly water mulch before applying to increase bonding of Mulch Stabilizer.
  • Spray Mulch Stabilizer in a slow, even, saturating coat.
  • For better stabilization, a second coat is recommended. Allow first coat to dry at least 2 hours.
  • Let dry for 24 hours without rain or sprinklers.