Highland Stone® Freestanding Wall

Extraordinary spaces need scale, texture and color.

Anchor Wall Systems offer blocks in multiple sizes so you always have the right scale. The block surfaces are random and distinct with a choice of colors. That’s why our blocks appear as an extension of nature, not an addition to it.

Highland Stone® Freestanding Wall

Take a stand against mundane landscapes with the new Anchor Highland Stone® Freestanding wall. It’s crafted with the same earthen colors and rough-hewn texture that made Anchor Highland Stone® a top choice for retaining walls. Anchor Highland Stone® Freestanding wall units are great for applications such as seating areas, borders, pilasters, and columns. Sold in a three-piece system, including 3″ & 6″ units that can be combined in your wall design to add a classic stone look to your next project. Use Anchor Highland Stone® Free Standing Wall Units to create great-looking surrounds for patios and other areas that do not require a traditional retaining wall.

Note: For walls taller than 3 feet (0.91m), we recommend you hire a professional.

Units Available: Highland Stone Freestanding Wall Units | Step Unit | XL Cap Unit | Column Unit

Dimensions: 6″x18″x9″ large | 6″x12″x9″ medium | 6″x6″x9″ small Weight: 70 lbs. large | 65 lbs. small/medium set
Please call for more information

Coverage: 0.71 Sq Ft large | 0.67 Sq Ft small/medium set
*Small and Medium units are sold together as a set. Units are available in 3″ heights by special order only.

Colors Available: Dakotastone | Prairiestone | Mocha | Marble | Quartzite**
**indicates colors available by special order only.

Size Options

6″ x 6″ x 9″ Block – Small

6″ x 12″ x 9″ Block – Medium

6″ x 18″ x 9″ Block – Large

Unit Options

Step Unit

Column Unit

XL Cap Unit